Introducing Silcom Recruitment's Job Seeker Referral Program!

Do you know someone who is currently seeking new job opportunities?

We are excited to launch our Job Seeker Referral Program, where you can earn up to £250 by referring qualified candidates to us.

By participating in Silcom Recruitment's Job Seeker Referral Program, you not only get the chance to help your connections find fulfilling job opportunities, but you can also earn a generous reward.

Start referring qualified candidates today and join us in creating a strong professional network. Together, we can help connect local employers with the amazing people you know. 

Register here or contact us for more information.

Here's how it works:

1. Submit referrals

Use our easy-to-use referral form on our website to submit the details of the candidate you are referring. Make sure to provide accurate contact information.

2. Candidate placement

If we successfully place your referred candidate into a new job opportunity, you will be eligible for our referral reward.

3. Earn up to £250

For every successful referral, we will reward you with up to £250, depending on the level of the job placement.