Silcom Recruitment’s EasyHire service bridges the gap between access and affordability. Here at Silcom Recruitment we offer a range of pricing options to ensure everyone has a secure and affordable solution.

We understand recruitment budgets can vary, which is why we have launched EasyHire. Our subscription-based model allows you to access our services and candidates, without worrying about the larger upfront costs.

We believe in providing an affordable, stress-free recruitment solution for all our clients. Our all-inclusive subscription package takes care of everything that the normal recruitment process entails, from job postings to candidate interviews, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business. 

With our model, you still get access to our top talent, without worrying about the upfront cost. In addition, there are no hidden fees and if the candidate does not work out, we stop payments immediately. 

With Silcom Recruitment EasyHire's subscription service, you can enjoy a more flexible payment plan for your recruitment needs, whilst having total control.


Let us provide an example of how this works:

Traditionally when hiring via a recruitment agency for permanent staff, an employer will be charged an introduction fee – this is often a percentage of the employees starting salary. 

For example, let us say you agree with the agency that a charge of 10% of the basic starting salary is agreeable, and you offer an employee a salary of £30,000, you would normally pay a fee of £3,000 upon their start date.

With the subscription service via Silcom Recruitment EasyHire, we spread the £3,000 over a period that you’re happy with, up to 12 months - the length of this monthly spread is up to you.

This model allows you to manage your recruitment costs more effectively and budget accordingly, while still accessing Silcom Recruitment’s top-quality recruitment services.


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